Main software developed:
  • PbP, a planning system based on an automatically configurable portfolio of planners (with Alfonso Gerevini and Alessandro Saetti); Winner of the learning track of the 6th International Planning Competition (2008). A new version of PbP, called PbP2, is the winner of the learning track of the 7th International Planning Competition (2011).
  • MacroSatPlan, SAT-based optimal planner which exploits a predictive model and macros to speedup the SAT solving (with Alfonso Gerevini and Alessandro Saetti).
  • ParLPG, a planning system based on the idea of automatically configuring a generic,parameterized planner: LPG. (with Alfonso Gerevini, Alessandro Saetti, Chris Fawcett and Holger Hoos).
  • ArgSemSAT, developed with Federico Cerutti, is a novel SAT-based approach for solving various tasks in abstract argumentation. It was the runner-up of the 1st International Competition on Computational Models of Argumentation (ICCMA).
  • AFBenchGen, developed with Federico Cerutti and Massimiliano Giacomin, is a highly configurable generator of challenging Abstract Argumentation frameworks. It is described in this paper.
Hey, I also designed two domain models for the deterministic part of the International Planning Competition 2014: Tetris, Citycar and co-designed Map-Analyser and RTAM